Raimbourg Michel Forget, Michel Loichot Mimi Schotte and Mireille Gabaret More Building in Special Education – No.

Raimbourg Michel Forget, Michel Loichot Mimi Schotte and Mireille Gabaret More Building in Special Education – No. 4 years from 1980 to 1981 (54) In: Building in Education Specialized CEL For teachers review French> Spell teaching Principles> communication> school newspaper in November 1980 Authors: Alain Brun, Alex Lafosse Anne-Marie Mislin Bernadette Dubut, Bernard Gosselin, Francois Vetter, Jean Le Gal, Jean-Claude Saporito, Martine Meurot Myriam Mercy, Robo Patrick and Rene Laffitte more Building in Special Education – n ° 10 years from 1985 to 1986 (121) in: Building in the Special Education teachers CEL For French magazine> Spelling Principles teaching> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> printing June 1986 Authors: Adrien Pittion Rossillon Alex Lafosse Fr ancoise Guillemain Gilberte Blondel, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Lucienne Cosini Michel Fevre, Michel Schotte, Mireille Gabaret Pascal Mucet Pierre Laffitte and Rene Yvin More Building in Special Education – No.

9 years 1985 to 1986 (120 ) in: Building in the Special Education teachers CEL For French magazine> Spell teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> individualized work in May 1986 Authors: Daniel Trevisan, Jean-Claude Saporito, Marie-Claude San Juan, Michel Albert, Monique and Pierre Speaking Meric more Building in Special Education – No. 8 years from 1985 to 1986 (119) in: Building in the Special Education CEL For teachers journal Science and Techno> Technology Arts> Music and sound pedagogical principles > communications> correspondence teaching techniques> individualized work in April 1986 Authors: Bernadette Figala Corinne Pittion Ro ssillon Denis Morin, Isabelle Renoux, Foucambert Jean, Jean-Piere Bizet, Lucien Buessler Maryvonne Charles Michel Schotte and Serge Jaquet More Building in Special Education – No.

7 years from 1985 to 1986 (118) In: Building in Special Education CEL For teachers review French> Scripture-reading instructional principles> term-creation pedagogical Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> individualized work in March 1986 Authors: Jean Mermoz, Jean-Paul Bizet, Lucien Buessler Michel Fevre, Michel Schotte, Pierre Speaking Raymond Blancas, Serge Jaquet and Suzanne Zandomenighi
By Katina Ieremiadis on 29/06/12 – 4:10 p.m. In: Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> Classroom Organization> Life of Artists in the class creations reviewed by alphabetical order: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTUV WXYZ artist names domain A source articles Agnello Francesco music Passage through percussion CREATIONS # 78 Ahmed Yassin plastic Traces, prints, art and nature CREATIONS # 94 Andres Stone sculpture wood fantastic machines of Peter Andres CREATIONS No.

17 Al Moussawy Salah calligraphy A calligrapher at face value cREATIONS # 81 Alonso Martine etching intimate dialogue with a sewing box cREATIONS # 122 Aragon Emmanuel plastic Tic-tic cREATIONS college # 94 Brother Anthony sculpture Brother Anthony cREATIONS sculpture # 8 Aragon Emmanuel plastic Tic-tic college CREATIONS No. 94 Arkelal puppet company The company Arkelal CREATIONS No. 61 Armengaud Jocelyne embroider ie art Art embroidery Jocelyne Armengaud CREATIONS No.

14 Workshop of the storm (Company) The theater workshop storm CREATIONS No. 82 Aveline Claude writer, painter and illustrator paints felt Aveline CREATIONS No. 55 B Ban Chloe the company DCA dance An artistic endeavor in partnership: the CREATIONS dancing No. 95 Badin Paul poetry adult poet Paul Badin CREATIONS No. 35/36 Badin Paul poetry for us CREATIONS poem No.

71 Barjol Michel Michel Barjol painting, the order of the landscape dreamed With a class act on the No. 74 Barjol Michel CREATIONS landscape painting with a class: Create a landscape CREATIONS No. 77 Barles Catherine sculptor Les demoiselles capped CREATIONS No.

86 Baudat Guy ceramic sculpture Guy Baudat: multidimensional artist? CREATIONS No. 11 Basavanna Basavanna poetry, Indian poet. CREATIONS No. 21 Beaucousin Gerard Gerard Beaucousin sculpture, dinandier CREATIONS No.

35/36 Jacques Becker cinema cinema shacks – CREATIONS Marsh Children No. 85 Marc Bellanger sculpture History of a painting – Marc Bellanger CREATIONS No. 74 Belleudy Claude Claude Belleudy painting, homework help
painter CREATIONS No. 44 Berimont Luke Luke Berimont poetry, Jean-Pierre Lignon. CREATIONS No.

16 Bertrand Michel-Edouard Michel-Edouard Bertrand poetry, poet. CREATIONS No. 2 Beslic Beslic painting and sculpture, painter and sculptor CREATIONS No.

43 Billy The stone carving dreams of a Lyons gardener CREATIONS No. 18 Bizieau JF dance painting No two CREATIONS No. 96 Blanchet Jean-Marie plastic THE oracle Lemna CREATIONS # 108 Sebastien Blandin animation – animated Adventures – Sebastien Blandin, animator CREATIONS NE 189 Bonnetain Michelle painting I weave what I paint, I paint what I weave CREATIONS No.

114 Bordat visual Isa The artist Isa Bordat Architextures Testimonials free online Journal No. 240 Alain Bosquet poetry Alain Bosquet CREATIONS No. 4 Bouche Alain Alain Bouche literature, writer CREATIONS No.

27 Boulesteix Laurence design « in nature … … sewing texture .. . « CREATIONS # 194 Bourbonnais Anne-Marie (with) the pottery rangoli in the practice of land workshop Anne-Marie Bourbonnais Bourbonnais 207 NE CREATIONS Anne-Marie (with) pottery – workshop » Slip « in Con sandstone – Robinsons in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye: first encounter with clay CREATIONS NE 206 Bourriane Myriam Myriam Bourianne illustration: Mom is an artist! Towards the illustration CREATIONS NE 188 Brancaleoni painting Giuliana Giuliana Brancaleoni CREATIONS No.

52 Brancaleoni Giuliana painting Guiliano Brancaleoni special edition artists of our time Georges Brassens (around) song Crisp (survey of Georges Brassens) CREATIONS No. 12 Brown Gilone scenography Gaia – show for children from 3 years CREATIONS # 106 Bruneau Michel poetry Michel Bruneau CREATIONS No. 17 Buchin Georges sculpture Georges Buchin, sculptor CREATIONS No.

94 Buckman Samuel, visual artist Tic tic CREATIONS college No. 94 Buren Installation Buren CREATIONS No. 49 C Caballero Margarita sculpture Guardians of our CREATIONS dreams No.

118 Caffier Agnes photography Agnes Caffier, light sculptor CREATIONS No. 91 Caldas Lurdes tapestry tapestries Lurdes Caldas CREATIONS No. 21 Camara Fode painting Fode Camara, the art against the chains a class, a painter, a museum CREATIONS No.

49 Canute Jacques poetry Jacques Canute CREATIONS # 53 Carlin Michel Michel CARLIN ceramics, ceramist. CREATIONS No. 67 Carlin Michel ceramic Paradox Anonymous CREATIONS # 90 Carlin Michel maintenance art that’s life CREATIONS # 92 Carlin Michel paint Paint everyday CREATIONS No.

111 Cart Marie-Josef Art in Visual Arts chapels – tissue arrays CREATIONS NE 203 Ceciledy silk painting Cecileddy, silk painter CREATIONS No. 0 Celik Erdal visual point-art space designed by Laurence Maurand CPAP Limoges CREATIONS No. 118 Caesar sculpture Caesar CREATIONS No. 28 Chague poetry Chague poet CREATIONS No.

20 Gaston Chaissac painting, collage Gaston CHAISSAC special issue « artists of our time » Chanteloube Catherine drawing and painting artist CREATIONS look at the vegetable world No. 86 Nathalie Charmot (with) the plastic arts college « sense » upside down CREATIONS # 114 Charmot Nathalie arts Nathalie Charmot, the work to the work CREATIONS # 116 Chassaniol Herve plastic Traces, fingerprints, art and nature CREATION SN 94 Charneau Maryline (with) Myrmee dance, gesture moving No.

82 CREATIONS Charton Serge (with) painting photography Black, white and letter CREATIONS No. 97 Didier Chauvin (with) architecture poetry-CREATIONS Identity No. 90 Chedid Andree poetry Chedid, CREATIONS poet No. 14 Chene Bernadette visual His place CREATIONS NE 221 Clapies Claude paint Claude Clapies (with class) CREATIONS No.

66 Claudel Camille sculpture Camille Claudel CREATIONS No. 18 Collange Pascale illustration album Pascale Collange children’s book illustrator CREATIONS No. 18 Robert Combas painting Robert COMBAS – Suite No. COMBAS special artists of our time Commere Pascal poetry words in clusters CREATIONS Company No.

97 Week imperfect Theater’s Theater house CREATIONS Company No. 85 O NAVIO (with) A theater theater moved into our neighborhood CREATIONS NE 196 Coranotto Clorinda arts « NOMAD ART » Clorinda Quran otto, artist « entremetologue » CREATIONS NE 186 Cornilleau Jean-Loup sculpture Jean-Loup Cornilleau – Between four eyes CREATIONS No. 77 COUGOULAT-Breitel Veronique arts Falling in online review panel No. 225 Court Dominica Court Claire creators, poetry Objects -poemes multiple openings CREATIONS No.

109 Court Claire visual book-turtle CREATIONS No. 116 Courcoul poetry Bernard Bernard Courcoul CREATIONS No. 25 Courcoul Bernard and Jacqueline Bernard and Jacqueline Courcoul ceramics, pottery Chambon CREATIONS No.

25 Courcoul Marie-Veronique Reflections tapestry of Marie-Veronique Courcoul CREATIONS No. 28 Courtecuisse Claude design Portraits of objects – object to the person – Before, during and after exposure CREATIONS # 122 Crappier Martine a watercolor painting Martine Crappier CREATIONS No. 12 Ciesla Jo Jo Ciesla sculpture, sculptor.

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